Amy Vermillion’s Formula for Creating a Luxury Bath

How does one go about designing a luxury bath? Luxury means different things to different people, but there are certain elements that must be included in a luxury bath no matter what one’s definition is.

As designers we need to ask our clients what makes them feel luxurious in the bathroom. No question is too silly or personal. If we can’t get into our clients’ heads, then we aren’t doing our job. And as a homeowner, it’s good to know what kind of experience you want so you can tell your designer.

Bathroom design by Amy Vermillion Interiors, with tub, shower, vanity, counter, and sink

Bath design by Amy Vermillion Interiors

After twenty plus years of designing luxury bathrooms, I can report that the number one thing my high end clients want is a great bathing experience. Even if they forgo the heated floors or other bells and whistles, they always say they want to feel pampered in the shower or bath. Within that request lie other questions that help me determine what kind of plumbing to specify to give them that pampered, luxurious feeling.

Close-up of mirror on vanity counter in a bathroom designed by Amy Vermillion Interiors, with a sink and faucet in the background

Bath design by Amy Vermillion Interiors

Ask Questions

I ask if they like a soft rain or a brisk spray from a showerhead. Do they want multiple showerheads, body sprays, music, and/or lighting? Do they linger in the shower or are they splash and dashers? All of these answers help me to determine what they need.

I do have some constants. For instance I almost always install a handshower on a slide bar for cleaning ease as well as for times they might want to just rinse off without getting their hair wet.

Designers should also ask how they want their shower functions controlled. All showerheads on at once, handshower separately? Everything can be designed exactly as the client desires.

Bathroom design by Amy Vermillion Interiors, with shower, vanity, counter, sinks, and faucets

Bath design by Amy Vermillion Interiors

This is what luxury is really about. And with these great showers and baths, one must have a tankless water heater installed. I love mine and it has totally changed my bathing experience. Cold showers are a thing of the past with neverending hot water!


Form must follow function, and I truly believe that faucetry is the jewelry of the bathroom! I look for clean lines, interesting geometry and beautiful finishes. Nickel is one of my favorites since it is a warm alloy and pairs wonderfully with aged brass hardware if I want to mix metals.

ROHL Palladian High Neck Widespread Lavatory Faucet with Lever Handles in Polished Nickel

ROHL Palladian High Neck Widespread Lavatory Faucet with Lever Handles in Polished Nickel via

I have been specifying ROHL faucets for decades…not only for the wide range in styles but also because my clients expect their plumbing (along with everything else) to perform maintenance free. One of my favorite styles for either clean traditional or transitional (think “modern light”) is their Italian Palladian Bath Series. Because I can choose cross or lever handles, there always seems to be some combination that my client adores.

Bath design by Amy Vermillion Interiors, featuring sink, faucet, toilet, shower, and tub

Bath design by Amy Vermillion Interiors

There are many things I can include in my client’s luxury bathrooms. But to really define luxury, it comes down to not only the materials chosen, but the way in which they are incorporated.

And for our clients, it may just be that real luxury is having a bathing/grooming experience exactly the way they want it and a designer who can provide that by really listening to them.

As one of the Southeast’s leading interior designers, Amy Vermillion believes strongly in the collaborative relationship between client and designer. Amy is known to have an eye for detail that makes the interiors she designs unique and fresh. An expert with color, texture and scale, she not only chooses exquisite fabrics and furnishings but has the innate ability to edit her client’s existing interiors in a thoughtful manner. Amy is highly sought after because of her unique approach to home renovation which focuses on architectural finishes, customized details and thoughtful space planning.

Amy’s work has been featured in The New York Times Magazine, Stark Carpet’s Decorating with Carpets, Charlotte Magazine, Southpark Magazine and Charlotte Home &
Garden Magazine among others. She is an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design from Illinois State University. Outside of her busy design practice, Amy is a member of the Junior League of Charlotte, the Mint Museum and the Daniel Stowe Botanic Garden. When she isn’t working with clients, Amy enjoys spending time with her daughter, shooting sporting clay, traveling and gardening.