Teen Bathroom Design Dreams

Parenting a teenager is a real challenge. So, imagine designing a bedroom and a bathroom for a teenager. This requires patience, tremendous interpretive skills, and an understanding of what is cool at the moment. This is why a family in Greenwich, CT turned to interior designer, Marcia Tucker, whom they knew could translate the desires of their daughter into something unique. Marcia was able to tease out from this 15-year old that she wanted a chic, modern aesthetic for both her bedroom and bathroom. She wanted something a little edgy,  as well as something that would accommodate her abounding hair and beauty supplies.

Teenage Girl Bedroom Design by Marcia Tucker Interiors

The bathroom, although small, has plentiful storage, a modern and uplifting mood, and an expanded sense of space.

To encourage tidiness, storage was added wherever possible: there is a large closet with shelves, a wall niche with two glass shelves for any must-have accessories, and a sleek, modern wall-mount vanity cabinet with two full-length drawers. These drawers have integrated finger pulls instead of mounted hardware, a modern and space-saving choice.

Small Bathroom design featuring ROHL Quartile Bath Faucet. Design by Marcia Tucker

An all-white color scheme was wisely chosen for this bathroom because the white lightens up and makes the room feel larger whereas a mix of color and pattern would have been too busy.  In any room with a single color scheme, it is the play of textures that adds liveliness. Here, the white Guildstone vanity top with glossy white cabinets plays off the 3-dimensional, geometric white wall covering. The textured white curtains add a soft touch and give privacy without blocking the light.ROHL Italian Quartile Single Lever Bathroom Faucet

The use of strong lines also magnifies the sense of space and lends a modern look. The powerful horizontal lines of the vanity drawers, unmarred by traditional mounted hardware, feel like a horizon line extending into the distance. The modern, streamlined ROHL Italian Quartile Lavatory Faucet– a single mount faucet with a horizontal lever- makes a powerful design statement. The built-in mirror, with its rectangular shaped dimmable, LED light,  both reflects and emits light and increases the sense of space.

photo credit Shiva Sarram

photo credit Shiva Sarram

The bedroom is modern, fun, and flexible. The soft gray walls with Holly Hunt’s Alula wallpaper lend a cool backdrop. The hanging Bubble chair allows this teenager to sit, swing, or spin depending on her mood. And the wall of storage cabinetry features a lighting system that allows her to change the color of light (red, yellow, pink, blue, purple, white) to match how she is feeling.

Teenage Girl Bedroom Design by Marcia Tucker Interiors

The whole is an upbeat space where this lucky teenager can start her day in a good mood- parents rejoice!

Marcia Tucker Interiors is a Greenwich-based interior design firm that fuses old world elegance with new world chic. Born in Rio de Janeiro, raised in San Francisco and New York, and educated in London, Marcia has developed a signature style that combines her love of sensual luxury and contemporary elegance with the quiet beauty of symmetry. Hers is a style relevant to today: global in perspective and tailored to the individual.

In 2017, she was named an inaugural member of the ROHL Auth Lux Designer Guild.

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