The Luxurious British Bath

There is something terribly charming about the British.  Their love of tea – loose, not bagged, served properly in a pot with a porcelain cup and saucer, always sipped calmly, is widely understood.  But it may be their love of the bath, that is the bathtub, that may be surprising.  While it is true that showers have found their way into many a British country house, cottage and townhome, they are a supplement – not a replacement.

Soaking in the bathtub

The Brits cherish their baths almost as much as their tea.  For them, a “shower is like gobbling down fast food and a bath is like taking a proper sit-down meal.”  There is much to be said about the lovely rituals associated with daily life in Great Britain.  One could argue, in a world where we rarely stop to smell the roses (another wonderful English habit), there is something to be gained from the luxury of slowing the pace.

bathtub with reading tray, book and wine

Taking a long leisurely tub certainly ranks high on the list. Be sure to have plenty of Floris bath and shower gel on the ledge, British family perfumers since 1730, and turn on the water with a ROHL Perrin & Rowe® Floor Mount Tub Filler, made by one of the last remaining British brassware manufacturers.  Together, the experience is at once calming and invigorating.

Floris bath and shower gel on the ledge, British family perfumers since 1730,

Some of our favorite authentically luxurious British baths may be found at The Duke Hotel, London; the Sofitel London St. James…

ROHL Perrin & Rowe Deco Tub Filler, Bathtub

Luxury Boutique hotels feature ROHL Faucets and Fixtures

and the Corinthia Hotel, London, England.

bathroom at the Corinthia Hotel in London, England

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