Authentic Luxury for the Kitchen and Bath

AuthLux Since 1983 lauds the philosophy (authentic luxury) and year (1983) Ken Rohl began his luxury faucet and fixture concern. Every day since, Ken and his sons Lou, Mark and Greg have culled the villages and towns of Great Britain, Western Europe, North America and New Zealand to find beautifully crafted brassware, aka decorative faucets and fittings, for the kitchen and bath.

Recognizing items that are truly special has become the ROHL vocation. Sourcing authentically crafted pieces, made using time honored techniques, passed from generation to generation, is our calling. We hope you will relish our findings, as we comb our favorite locales. If it’s special, and for the kitchen or bath, we and our trusted contributors will bring it forth.

Delight with us, in the splendor of authentic luxury for the kitchen and bath.

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