Claude Dozorme: A Knife Story

Did you know it takes 45 steps to make one knife? From selecting the steel to cutting, grinding, polishing and sharpening until the final result is achieved.

Claude Dozorme

A centuries old craft, the cutlery industry dates back to the Middle Ages. Today, the Theirs region of France is considered the knife-making capital of the world with more than 100 cutlery manufacturers. Among these manufacturers is Claude Dozorme, an innovative company known for creating daring and avant-garde cutlery, much of which is still individually handcrafted.

Theirs Region, France

The family owned business was established in 1902 by Blaise Dozorme, an expert steel worker who decided to open a small knife workshop in his home. His entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a dominant personality resulted in his peers naming him, “The Wolf”. A few decades later, the Dozorme firm would use this nickname as the basis for its logo and graphic identity.

Claude Dozorme Craftsman

Now in its fourth generation, the company is still using century old traditions – steel cutting, grinding, polishing and assembly – to produce their award winning knives and flatware.

Claude Dozorme Craftsman

With a full range of collections for your pocket, table, kitchen or even wine cellar, Claude Dozorme knives are the perfect balance between design and authenticity. The company’s kitchen knives come in three distinct collections, Haute Cuisine, 1902 and Flat Cut.

Claude Dozorme

The Haute Cuisine Collection features pure, sleek lines, combined with high-quality steel and professional cutting power. These knives offer very high precision cutting ability combined with unrivalled strength and durability.

Claude Dozorme 1902 Collection

An allusion to the French bistronomy sector, the 1902 kitchen knife range was created by the Breton designer Jacky le Faucheur with a red and white Vichy fabric.

Claude Dozorme Flat Cut Collection

The FlatCut line was designed by Thomas Bastide of Baccarat. With an asymmetrical shape and it inclinated handle, Bastide designed the line to emphasize the blade. A thicker handle also makes the knife easier to hold.

Claude Dozorme knives are sold around the world in specialty boutiques and shops.

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