Kicky Traditional Manse Design

Nestled in the historic neighborhood of Lincoln Park, Chicago, sits what appears to be a quiet, restored manse from the 1900’s.

Upon climbing the short flight of stairs to the arched porch clad with ivy and in through the glass doors, a realization sets that the aesthetic is at once traditional but uniquely modern design, a term otherwise known as “Modernique,” coined to express the signature style used in every one of the homes I (Julia Buckingham, Buckingham Interiors + Design) design.

The careful, artful, and deliberate decisions made for the materials and accents chosen infuse life and interest in every nook of each room.

Blending furniture and fixtures from the past with those of today is not only part of what is Modernique, but also what I believe is authentically luxurious.

Adhering to the Auth Lux ethos, I maintain the integrity of this home’s history while building a bridge into the future with elements both exquisitely traditional and avant-garde.

Great design is not simply about what appeals visually, but also about what gives energy and purpose to anyone experiencing the space physically and emotionally.

My hope in creating this space was to give the client great design that reflects the principles I practice and their beautiful life as a family.

Julia Buckingham leads a new generation of world-class interior designers bringing her Modernique® chic sensibility to both residential and commercial design projects around the country. Her spectacular collections of licensed product, numerous high profile panels, show houses, and personal appearances around the globe have earned her the reputation of a rock-solid force in the industry. Destined to become a design icon, the soon-to-be author runs highly successful design studios in Chicago and Phoenix specializing in luxury interiors with her signature vintage and modern mix.

In 2017, she was named one of the inaugural members of the ROHL Auth Lux Designer Guild. Her first book Modernique® (Abrams Publishing) was published in the spring of 2017. In 2018, she is excited to be opening the Modernique® boutique in Phoenix, Arizona.

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