Unique Details Bring Functional Luxury to the New “Super” Kitchen

In 1983 Ken Rohl discovered the Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet while visiting in Europe. He immediately knew this functionally unique and attractive faucet would be appreciated by American designers and their customers.  His discovery encouraged him to start what would become the company and brand ROHL with its purpose being to bring uniquely designed and crafted faucets, fixtures and fittings for the kitchen and bath, discovered in the towns and villages of Western Europe, Great Britain, North America and New Zealand, to the United States.  He quickly realized there was an appetite for authentically luxurious products for spaces that in the past were outfitted with mass-produced, often functionally inferior products.

Allia undermount sink with ROHL Pull-Out Faucet

Since that time, ROHL has discovered and brought a large array of products to the States including Perrin & Rowe faucets and fixtures – all made entirely in Great Britain, Shaws Original Farmhouse Fireclay Apron Front Sinks, handcrafted in England using the same techniques devised in 1897, Allia Fireclay Sinks – made in Limoges, France, a full line of kitchen and bath faucets, fixtures and sinks crafted in Italy and the Michael Berman award-winning line of bath and kitchen faucets and accessories.

Perrin & Rowe, Shaws, Allia, Italian Lombardia

When Ken brought the Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet to the States, he also introduced the concept of the ROHL Water Appliance.  Educating kitchen & bath designers on the fact that the “most used appliance” in the kitchen is actually the sink/faucet combination (average use for family of four is 20-30 times/day).  Additionally he encouraged designers to think about reallocating budget towards this heavily used “appliance” allowing for customers to consider spending more on a better quality, more attractive solution.

The ROHL Water Appliance

In 2012 ROHL reacquainted the market with the concept, introducing the ROHL Water Appliance Quiz to designers and Showroom consultants.  The quiz assists in profiling various ROHL Water Appliance Solutions based on lifestyle/lifestage considerations.  www.rohlwaterappliancequiz.com.

Today, and in the future, the multi-function sink/faucet combination will continue to be the mainstay of the kitchen.  Traditional kitchen configurations with upper and lower cabinets are being replaced by kitchen islands – grounded by larger sinks, faucets and accompanying accessories.  These water appliances are designed to allow for greater under counter storage as well as serving as the foundation for cutting boards, strainers and graters – essentially a sous chef station all in one location.

ROHL Italian Culinario Kitchen Sink, Ultimate Water Appliance, Functionl Luxury

When ROHL began its collaborations with UK and European partners it was important to maintain authenticity incorporating time-honoured material and craft while also adapting to 21st century needs.  Working closely with on-staff engineers and industrial designers, ROHL has been able to incorporate low-lead material requirements, meet California water-use and flow restrictions and IAPMO and EPA WaterSense criteria without compromise.

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