Magic of Manuka – Honey that Heals the Soul

New Zealand breeds talented sailors, gorgeous sheep, and bees that create a very special honey from the flowers of the Manuka bush, also known as the tea tree.

Manuka Bush, Tea Tree

This honey is like no other for healing the body and feeding the soul. It can be used on wounds as well as ingested to stave off colds and sore throats.

Manuka Honey

The provenance of Manuka honey is critical to its unique power.  The finest quality Manuka honey, with the most potent antimicrobial properties, is collected from hives in the wild, uncultivated areas of New Zealand. Maori man in traditional greetingCenturies ago, the New Zealand indigenous Maori were the first to discover the healing properties of this amazing super honey “elixir” and created many cream and tonic recipes still in use today.  Like any authentic product, being able to trace the source of origin as well as a connection to generations of understanding about how to use and mold the material, gives the finished product a special uniqueness.

Manuka Honey

Truly authentic Manuka honey will carry a Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) of 15+. Only this grade, from New Zealand, has the power to heal and restore health and wellbeing.

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