Kitchen Design Inspired by Italy

Have you ever wanted to transport the designs you see on your vacations into your home? I’m a warm weather girl. I love white sandy beaches, my white summer clothes and the crispness of white dishes that create the perfect canvas to build a colorful summer tabletop.

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Today as I begin designing a new white kitchen which includes a White Shaws Original Fireclay Farmhouse Sink, ROHL Faucet and yes… white marble, I’m drawing inspiration to create a luxuriously unique design for my client from the perfection of the Trulli style homes located in the small fairy tale village town of Alberobello, Italy where I stayed for a few days while traveling this past summer.

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Designing with white doesn’t mean that your kitchen needs to look like everyone else’s. It means that it’s the perfect canvas to create your own authentic story in your own home. I don’t choose white because it’s trendy, I chose it by design. That is to say, it is intentional, not by default of any influence other than I love it.

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Here in the Northeast we had a hideous amount of the “white stuff” this winter and while I’m not a fan of winter, I have to admit that the pristine natural beauty of the “white stuff” is breathtaking. Those who know me will be aghast to hear me utter these words because I bemoan every single day of winter. I hung up my skis years ago for my tennis whites and never looked back.

So here’s the question? Why do we care about trends, especially in kitchens? As a designer I council my clients to buy the best they can afford, make smart buying decisions for products that suit their lifestyle and to buy what they love. I think the luxury consumer is talking about technology and the necessity of creating timelessness designs to feel comfortable in. Talking trends in kitchens is passé.

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With that said, there’s been a lot talk about the trend of “White Kitchens”; the use of white in the kitchen, the trend of white marble, the practicality of a white porcelain sinks and will the “trend” of white kitchens continue? White kitchens have been around for a very long time in some of the oldest homes in our country and I believe will remain a staple in kitchen design for years to come.

Thirty years ago I had my first child and my very first white kitchen.
I had been working in an architectural office for a local architect here at Yale at the time and we were installing white kitchens to die for. I knew it was exactly what I wanted then and several kitchens later I still love a white kitchen, a white farm sink and white dishes. Classic, timeless, versatile and always very authentically chic.

Rebecca Reynolds is one of the leading kitchen and bath designers in the United States with over 2o yrs. of experience. Her award-winning portfolio of luxury projects can be seen throughout New England, the Southern states, California and Europe. She is the principle and lead designer at New Canaan Kitchens, a full service firm sought after for unique design ideas, personalized services and a stylized integration of mixed materials.

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