Caliza Winery – Dedicated to Food, Wine and Happiness

The quaint seaside town of Cambria, California is famous for Hearst Castle, moonstones and olallieberry pie! But nestled within the rolling hills that hug the rugged Pacific coastline is an area known as Paso Robles, home to rich soils and a micro-climate ideal for producing world class grape varietels. It’s also home to the  Caliza Winery.

Cambria, California                                                                                                                                                            Born of their love of wine, Caliza Winery was started in 2005 by husband and wife, Carl and Pam Bowker. This 20-acre, family owned vineyard produces 12 varietals and is known for having a short list of impressive red and white blends from an area known as Templeton Gap. The winery’s name is Spanish for limestone and is a nod to the soils that dominate the area.

Vineyards at the Caliza Winery

Their vision is produce modern wines with old world grapes. Carl says, “I have a profound respect for the tried and true ways of the past but always look to incorporate something new that may be able to enhance the final outcome. This is especially true in my approach to winemaking.”

Vineyards at the Caliza Winery

On a recent trip, our friends of the online media platform, Modenus, brought a group of interior design bloggers to visit the winery. The group participated in the vineyard’s annual harvest festival and enjoyed a four-course meal paired with the winery’s most prized 2010 wines.

Harvest dinner at the Caliza Winery in Cambria, California

Beneath a starlit sky, the intimate setting fostered connections among all. Strangers became best friends, singing “That’s Amore” arm-in-arm, sharing and trading desserts between tables, and by the end of the night it was hard to say goodbye.

Grapes on the vine at the Caliza Winery

If you ever find yourself cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway, take the road less traveled and visit Caliza Winery, a place dedicated to food, wine, and happiness. Walk through the vineyard, sample some of their award winning wines and enjoy the beautiful views that surround. And of course don’t forget to bring home a bottle or two to add to your collection. This is a true Auth Lux experience you don’t want to miss.

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