Exploring Puglia, Italy

Beaches in Puglia, Italy

Years ago I had the pleasure of working with a lovely Italian furniture maker from the Puglia region of Italy.  I learned that this was a place not often frequented by tourists, is considered the hottest in Italy during summer (August 15 is a mandatory holiday because of the heat) and that the food is earthy and simple.  It sounded like heaven to me.

Map of Puglia, Italy


Puglia, also known as Apulia, is in the south of Italy; the heel of Italy’s boot.

Trulli houses in Apulia, Italy

It’s a charming place crowned with baroque towns, white-washed trulli houses, olive groves and orchards, blue sea and beaches, lots of sunshine and some of the best tomatoes to be found.

Italian tomatoes

Perfectly delightful and luxurious in my opinion.

Olive trees in Puglia, Italy

For those seeking the solitude and authenticity of the quiet countryside, and the unadulterated taste of freshly pressed olives, it is well worth the visit.

Puglia, Italy countryside

The pace of a place where shops still close in the middle of the day and English is spoken sparingly, is a gift that for many is a true taste of luxury. If you go, be sure to seek out Masseria Petrarolo, a masterfully restored farmhouse by the British design firm Alexander Waterworth Interiors (behind Soho Beach House in Miami and Annabel’s in London).  Originally built in the late 1600’s, it’s the perfect respite for the weary traveler looking to restore mind and soul.


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