Touch of Hand Lives through the Artisans of Today in Lago d’Orta

At the foot of the Alpine Mountains in Northwestern Italy there is a beautiful place called Lago d’Orta. Only a couple of hours outside of the city of Milan, this artisan community is well known for crafting beautiful faucets. The hillsides of Lago d’Orta are sprinkled with small family factories that take pride in the craft of faucet making, including the ROHL factories of Nicolazzi and Calflex.

Lake Front seating and in the town of Lago d'Orta

Side Streets in Lago d'Orta

In April of this year, I had the pleasure of traveling to Lago d’Orta to visit the very factories who have partnered with ROHL for over 35 years. Established in 1983, ROHL authentic luxury is when original design and a commitment to craft come together. Connecting touch of hand, truth in materials and place of origin, which is everything I learned firsthand while visiting these very factories in Lago d’Orta.

My trip to Lago d’orta was eye opening. There were no assembly lines in the factories, only artisans who genuinely take pride in the products they are making.  From the design process, to hand finishing the individual products, artisans are crafting the products instead of machinery. Seeing this process in the actual factories in Italy, showed me first hand that ROHL products truly stand for touch of hand, truth in materials and place of origin.

Worker's hands holding showerhead, faucet handles hanging on rack

As a designer, I am constantly seeking the best products for my clients. I look for products that are well crafted with the finest materials.  Visiting the ROHL factories of Nicolazzi and Calflex, watching the artisans, and not machinery, handcrafting ROHL products with pride and attention to detail, is why ROHL products fit the build of authentic luxury, and as a designer it is a reason why I can confidently recommend ROHL products to a client.

Hands assembly faucetry

I left Lago d’Orta with a newfound respect and deeper understanding of the ROHL brand.  The old saying “you get what you pay for” has a new meaning to me after visiting the ROHL Italian factories.  I will not be able to touch a ROHL product the same way again. Touching a ROHL product will take me back to Lago d’Orta, and remembering the faces of the artisans, who take pride in responsibility in crafting an authentically luxury ROHL product, in my mind. It is no wonder that ROHL takes pride in branding themselves as “Authentic Luxury”, and I am even more proud to be a member of the ROHL 2018 Auth Lux Designer Guild.  As a designer and a Guild member, I can truly say that ROHL really does commit to touch of hand, truth in materials and place of origin for its products.